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Take your business, small or enterprise, to the next level by bringing in efficiency and faster turnover.


Empowering all types of businesses to deliver products and services to its customers with Blockchain is one of our major operating planks. We will develop Blockchain that will lessen the burden of operating costs and minimize transaction costs. We service every business type: healthcare, manufacturing, leasing and hiring, and realtors. These are but a few businesses that we serve.

We are different because of our lean operating principles and technologies that make it possible to deliver services and products even for small businesses with limited budgetary resources. In short, it is always our objective to make Blockchain affordable and simpler so that businesses can operate more efficiently and cut down transactional time sharply.

Our Blockchain Offerings for Businesses and Industries

Blockchain is not just for big time online transactions, even if you are a gym, restaurant, salon or a bakery you can start to use it with confidence and grow your business to reach new horizons that you have only been dreaming of in the past.

Organizations and businesses will benefit from:


Easier payment mode: You can accept Bitcoin and give value to your customers. One of the great things about Blockchain is that all transactions are permanent and irreversible. If you have to reverse, your transaction remains along with the new transaction as well.

Transaction time will be reduced vastly: With Blockchain technology advantage to your business the time taken for completing transactions will become negligible. Reduced transaction time means more business conclusions and higher profits for organizations. Your per transaction will be reduced vastly.

Operational efficiency will be increased enormously because there will be no third party approval to be taken. Additionally our Blockchain will provide a ring of protection against cyber attacks, fraudsters who want to break into your business environment, and generally ensure that all business assets are protected in the internet space.

Our Blockchain technology products will enable businesses to face the future and competition with increased confidence arising out of large volume transactions. Businesses will be protected from vulnerabilities, inefficiency, stagnation and mobility problems.

Give your organization the Blockchain smart contracts advantage that is self-verifying and self enforcing. It is so secure that no transaction is changeable or can be manipulated. It eliminates middlemen — such as an attorney — will not be required in a smart contract. A few good examples of smart contracts include leasing machinery, real estate, vendor agreements and employee contracts.

Though Blockchains are closely associated with businesses, it offers other advantages such as increased privacy through the use of ID and permissions, improved audit compliance and operational efficiency.

iSoftCell in Blockchain Development

iSoftCell is a technology-driven company that cares for its business customers to lead them into performing at high level and face the technology boom with confidence, even as they are able to make bigger profits by improving ROI.

Our Blockchain offerings can help you with ITO (Initial Token Offering) for raising capital and provide an alternative to traditional banking, private lenders and equity firms.

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