Leverage API and Microservices for Upward Growth and Reach

Microservices and API are the buzzwords of enterprises that want to scale new heights and reach beyond the horizon. It is for every enterprise – big or small, or new or established.


Microservices are gaining a foothold in all businesses of different sizes. It is gaining popularity as the best way to design software applications. It is potentially the best way for enterprises to become agile for developing software faster rather than take the outdated traditional approach. Top companies such as Google, Amazon and Netflix among others are realizing immense benefits from this model.

For enterprises, Microservices architecture will be growing alongside other traditional methods for a few more years. For most part enterprises will need Microservices along with API to give force and depth to the architecture. The most challenging aspect for most organizations will be in integrating Microservices with current architectural patterns for greater enterprise-level advantages. This is achievable with API strategies so that Microservices are easily tamable by the enterprise. There is a need for co-existence of Microservices and traditional methodologies for a longer time to come.

Getting the Best from Microservices and API Combo

API once used to be a low-level code interface and over the years have converted into products themselves and follows set standards such as REST. This helps developers in multiple ways. API providers are emerging as keen competitors and drawing developers attention creating an entirely new API economy with a vast API consumer base.

With growing sophistication there is an increased need for portals that will provide expertises to make new discoveries and research with the mechanism and drive higher usage. Under these circumstances APIs are increasingly being subjected to security compliance requirements. All these make API management a specialty in itself and a high a high-value business asset.

Microservices architecture enhances the APIs and needs a strategic outlook. APIs are important for closing the void space between Microservices and traditional systems that make it easy for managing Microservices. APIs come in handy when for traffic strategizing, monitoring and thoroughly researching the security environment across the enterprise; this even as agility is maintained across the enterprise.

How We Help Enterprises Leverage Microservices with API


Our focus is on helping enterprises by making co-existence of API, Microservices and legacy systems for the optimal benefits of business and enterprises. Towards this our organization will provide an integrated platform for co-existence, management and providing visibility of Microservices.

Our services can help enterprises to recover wasted resources and transform them. Unified Microservices and APIs are already able to give the right impetus and make the enterprise more responsive to current scenarios. You will find that large scale business operators such Unilever, Fly Dubai, and top banks are also vehemently for Microservices for providing agility to their business. This has helped many businesses to reduce development time by up to one fourth.

We are a highly responsive business that is oriented to achieving our customers’ goals and seeing them succeed in their ventures.

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