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Our Clients

Our clients come from a wide background that covers retailing and service industries that aim to give customers total unmatchable shopping convenience. We offer budding entrepreneurs to reach out to consumers cost effectively.


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Provide Convenience
Bring in more Customers

We know that providing convenience to customers with superior products and services can leapfrog your business turnover. Ready2Pick is just it – the finest business tool ever made to give your business a fresh pep.

Leverage Technology to
Build a Formidable Customer Base

Ready2Pick is designed to let you offer your customers ultimate convenience and price competency. It will save your customers hours of running around the store and exposing to health hazard.


Give Customers the Whatsapp Shopping Advantage, Make Home Shopping a Great Experience

Leverage Whatsapp Ready2Pick to build customer loyalty and expand your market share without any major investment.

Latest Technology

Ready2Pick is a AI-driven smart algorithm endowed application that understand customer needs in totality. It is designed to jumpstart new endeavors with a bang.

Customer Oriented

Ready2Pick is the smartest tool that can enable busy executives and homemakers to save time without haggles. Just order, pick and be back at home with the family.

Time Saver

Ready2Pick will save time for everyone in the family – use it for watching your favorite TV shows, visiting your parents or simply spend doing nothing; it is your choice.

Customer Loyalty

Total solution that will take you to the next level of sophisticated marketing and success

Connect Smartly

Get a firm handle on what your customers want and improve services for more sales at less cost.

Cover Territories

This is the best tool you can ever use to bring in more customers who want convenience shopping from home


Give your Customers the Ultimate Home-shopping Experience

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Looking Beyond the Horizon

Give your marketing team the ultimate tool that will increase market share 10X at zero-expense

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Power Drive

Promote your business in multiple territories and make the convenience you give the talk of the town

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Cut Cost

More Ready2Pick means lesser shopping space to build and operate – bring down operation costs 4X

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Be Unique

Give your customer what your competitors can’t – Ready2Pick is a tool built both for convenience and expanding business

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Notify Customer

Use Whatsapp to notify you customers so that they don’t have to wait for the pick up – give true ready to pick convenience

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Get Feedback

Gauge your customers with a razor-sharp feedback by engaging your customers to speak up openly

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Launch Products

Ready2Pick is the best tool for new product launches without spending a dime – engaging is now a matter of using our tool

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