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Our customers speak volumes about our prowess in delivering social media CRM tools and services that meet the highest standards – join our savvy clientele list and experience first class cost-effective social media management software that deliver instant results.


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Be the First to Engage Potential Customers

Ai Octopus is for businesses that don’t wait for customers to walk in – it is for those who want to be proactive and reach out.


Business Mentions

Be the first to know who has mentioned you and act upon it quickly and extend your reach worldwide.

Act Professionally

Act Professionally

Engage all your touch points with professionalism and build a solid foundation to project your business.

Act Globally

Act Globally

Gather the most recent information on topics that make a big difference to growing your business.

Influence Decisions

Influence Decisions

Ai Octopus is the best toolkit to make an intelligent decision and taking your business ahead robustly.

Explore Globally

Explore Globally

Whether you to develop and reach out globally or concentrate locally for new business leads Ai Octopus will do it.

Endless Reach

Endless Reach

Ai Octopus is the smartest companion tool for anyone on the prowl for top leads and connections internationally.

ai octopus dashboard

360 Degree
Dashboard with a Difference

Empower your team with a social media dashboard for analyzing data and putting them into action in an instant.

Track the Media

Track the Media

Know the people who are talking about you. If it is negative act immediately and turn it into an advantage.

Guard Reputation

Guard Reputation

Nothing can be more important than your reputation and Ai Octopus is the preferred choice of business that want to safeguard their position.

Fully Loaded with Top Features

We have left nothing out in our Social media management software to make working easy for your team. Behind this social CRM platform are sophisticated technologies that deliver perfect results.

Unified Channel for Communication

Give your customers a channel for them to get in touch with around the clock and benefit from new business acquisition. Ai Octopus is a store house of options after options to engage customers meaningfully.

Analytics Tools

Analyze scientifically and build a solid foundation on which you will deliver service to your customers without break. Our tools are designed to keep you ahead of the competition. Everything we give is for your business exclusively.

Generate Leads

Getting top leads that readily convert into paying customers is what Ai Octopus is all about. Become a leader in your chosen domain. Ai Octopus is a scientifically formulated application capable of intelligent analytics that escalates success rates.

Fine Tune
Customer Relationship

Build a solid foundation for retaining customers and retaining their loyalty forever in minimum time.

Customer Care Center

Customer Care Center

Feel your customers pulse accurately and model your business approach to leverage faster growth rates.

Human like Robots

Human like Robots

Give your customers an unique human-like touch and take your brand image to sky-high levels.


Make your Business
Customer-centric and
Win Loyalty

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Pricing for
octopus inhouse installation



(15 KD per Agent/Month)


(10 KD per Agent/Month)


(30 KD per Agent/Month)




WhatsApp, FB Messenger

Omni Channels (WhatsApp, FB messenger, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn)

Choose your Channels from below: (WhatsApp, FB messenger, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn)

Chat bot





No of Agents

Minimum 4 Agents Extra agent (10 kd monthly/agent) Free Supervisor

Minimum 10 Agents Extra agent (10 kd monthly/agent) Free Supervisor

Minimum 10 Agents Extra agent (10 kd monthly/agent) Free Supervisor

Free Supervisor

Outgoing messages for WhatsApp limit per month

5000 messages

10000 messages

20000 messages


Multimedia messages for WhatsApp

Free 1GB media storage Additional 1GB: 5 KD /month

Free 3GB media storage Additional 1GB: 5 KD /month

Free 5GB media storage Additional 1GB: 5 KD /month

Free 10GB media storage Additional 1GB: 5 KD /month

Template message price for WhatsApp

Template messages + Rich media templates (Template Message Fee varies by country + 25% Fee)

Template messages + Rich media templates (Template Message Fee varies by country + 25% Fee)

Template messages + Rich media templates (Template Message Fee varies by country + 25% Fee)

Template messages + Rich media templates (Template Message Fee varies by country + 25% Fee)

Set up Fees




If connecting the chat bot to Database, we will charge as per requirement

Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started

Rich Features
Big Benefits

Enjoy NextGen features and benefits today for a leadership role.

Innovate and Lead

Be the first to innovate and attain total leadership in your selected domains for bigger market share.


Win Customer Loyalty

Start a Loyalty Program and get your customers engrossed in your products and services instantly.


Customers First Approach

Build a Robust Ticketing system for your customers and make them recommend your offerings to peer groups.


Lean Practices

Minimize your Overhead Expenses and improve operation performance manifold without spending a fortune.


24/7 Tracking

Keep your Intelligence Department tuned to hear what your customers have to say about your business round the clock.


Improve ROI

Reduce your Operational Cost by 10 times and make your business highly profitable to get best ROI.


Fine tune Intelligence

Learn the secrets about your customers and plan your new product development and new services offering.

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