To respond to changes in modern business world, every business needs an oomph factor to manage the change smoothly and emerge out as winner. For all this a perfect blend of activities is required which is possible only if you have 360°development, control, management and operational efficiency.

Almulla-Media offers solution for entire business processes with cutting edge technology to answer any small and mid-sized business needs. It integrates all functions that enable you to move flawlessly among all facets of your business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is intelligence exhibited by machines, it’s a branch of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines that think and react like humans. Cognitive ability to solve problem requires human like common sense. Big data analytics, statistical models, algorithms are used to substantiate reasoning by the machines.

100% compliance with safety and regulation norms

Improved processes saving time

Optimal capacity utilization

Reduced operational cost

Improved product quality

How We Help

Being located in cities famous for manufacturing prowess, we have a keen understanding of how manufacturing firms work and are intimately familiar with most aspects of a manufacturing environment. We have helped firms win in many areas of their business, be it order processing, jobbing, CNC machining, embedded systems integrations, PLC and SCADA networking and robotic assisted 3D printing. With Almulla-Media you will obtain numerous business benefits through the wide spectrum of our solutions such as:

Deploying Manufacturing Systems at an accelerated pace

Creating Analytical and Simulation Models

Standardizing IT and process components

Enabling seamless information flow

Almulla-Media offers custom-made solutions to small, medium and enterprise level manufacturing companies looking to revitalize their businesses. The major solutions that we offer can be categorized as:

Analytics and Dashboards: Dynamic dashboards presented in easy to read format

Internet of Things: Networked Machines to Automate manufacturing processes

Application Maintenance: Add new modules to existing ERP systems

Remote Teams: Factory Floor Monitoring and tracking

Mobility: Introduce Performance monitoring apps

Testing Services: Functional and Performance

Application Development: ERP systems