Health care is a unique sector where IT can truly benefit mankind. It has been scientifically proven that efficient processes supported by robust IT systems have allowed fewer doctors to treat more people. What's more, IT has allowed doctors and nurses to provide healthcare to patients in remote locations, to establish better treatment regimens and to even reduce the workload on the support staff in a hospital.

How We Help

As the healthcare industry is transforming to value-based care models, new solutions are required to enable collaboration, engage patients and manage costs. Almulla-Media enables healthcare organizations to implement Hospital Management Systems attuned to providing top-notch patient care. We have implemented patient outreach portals at the state level to help hospitals improve patient safety and satisfaction and clinical effectiveness.

We believe that no hospital is the same. Each one has its own specialty and hence its own workflow. Our services are customized to suit your needs. We implement global best practices and bring you the latest technology proven to optimize your workflow. When it comes to clinics, hospitals and doctor's offices, we offer:

Internet of Things enabled Platforms

Laboratory management platforms

Hospital management systems

Social portals for hospital staff

Enterprise data warehousing

Mobile monitoring devices

Clinical data integration

Patient outreach portals